• August 25, 2021

Detox Your Mind

We normally go to great lengths to get into detox diets to clean up our bodies. We also take time to declutter our homes, removing everything we do not need from our space during spring. But how many of us take time to detox our minds? Before this summer is over, I want to challenge you to take time to detox your mind if you haven’t done so yet or have no plans to do so yet.  Experts say the average human mind has at least 50,000 thoughts every day, which means you have a new thought every 1.2 seconds. It’s easy for the mind to follow the many random thoughts and get lost and distracted from priorities.

So just like you detox your bodies to flush out toxins and cleanse your internal organs, your mind also needs detox to flush out toxins. Especially In this era of digital overload and busyness, it is very easy for mental and emotional toxins to go unnoticed. Experts say Mind clutter can lead to:

a. Lack of focus,
b. Fatigue,
c. Stress,
d. Indecision,
e. Overwhelm,
f. Over-commitment,
g. Communication breakdowns,
h. Mistakes and errors,
i. Health issues,
j. Unhappiness.

To avoid finding ourselves in these situations listed above, it is essential to intentionally plan to take time to tidy up and declutter our minds. Detoxing your mind is a process just like the detox of the body. You have to be intentional about what you want to achieve. So, a good intention would be:

1. A clear mind: What is your intention for the season or next chapter of your life? This will help you step into a new dynamic in a conscious way instead of living it to chance. A clear mind will help you dream big in terms of where you want to be. Remind yourself of your highest intention for the season.
2. Meditation: I personally take time to meditate to declutter my mind. Meditation is an effective way to help the mind focus on one thing. This is how meditation helps you detox your mind and enhance your ability to focus. For me to meditate effectively I take a fast, I specifically detach from any physical and emotional indulgences that so easily distract my mind. For me, it is a spiritual event where I put my focus on God. I open self to God to take time to build me up spiritually. Over the years I have found out that when my spiritual life is healthy and strong, it becomes very clear easy for me to see:
i. What is working in my life and what is not working.
ii. What are the habits, hang-ups, beliefs, or parts of your life that are no longer serving me and need to change?
iii. Which toxic friendships I need to let go.
iv. Which projects I need to let go of.
v. And what I need to focus on in the next season of my life.

I encourage you to take some days to detox your mind, focus on your mental health and make space for a new and fresh start. Be intentional, set goals, detaching from anything that would detract you. If it is movies or social media, take a fast from them. Then take time to assess what is working in your life and what is not working. What are the habits, hang-ups, beliefs, or parts of your life that are no longer serving you?

Here are some Important Questions experts recommend and I find it helpful that you can ask yourself to help you in this process.

1.      What’s working in my life, and what is not?

2.       What could be improved?

3.       Are there any relationships in my life that are not offering me value or joy?

4.       What is one bad habit that I feel ready to break?

5.       Are there any activities, events, routines, or tasks in my life that are not worthy of my time and attention?

6.       What’s the biggest mistake I’ve made this year so far, and what did I learn from it?

7.       What do I really want?

8.       What obstacle(s) is in my way of achieving this goal?

Always keep in mind the big picture.


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