HANG-UPS – a source of mental and emotional difficulty

  • October 21, 2021

Getting Rid of Hang-ups

Hang-ups erode your confidence

A hang-up can be described as an inhibition, a source of mental or emotional difficulty to a person. It is largely classified as a problem that arise from accumulated life’s experiences. These experiences whether good or bad form our personalities and how we relate to one another.

Examples of hang-ups in our daily lives are when we have a need to be perfect, when we have a need to people please, or when we have a need to be right right all the time. It is also evident when we have a need to control people, things or places and also through anger, jealousy and resentment in our lives.

The downside to these hang-ups is that they accumulate into recurring negative themes and self-sabotaging behaviours in our lives that often result in stressful problems and lingering negative situations that seem to never go away. When hang-ups are not addressed, they often erode our confidence in who we are and what we are capable of doing and can affect our destiny.

Dealing with hang-ups requires one to be intentional and willing. There must be a desperate desire to be free from recurring negative themes and self-sabotaging behaviours. Followed by a readiness to do whatever it takes to get out of the chaos. Willpower and good intentions are not enough to get rid of hang-ups. If these were enough, many people would still not be struggling with the lingering consequences of hang-ups on their own for long periods. To successfully get rid of hang-ups, the first step is to recognize one has a problem and quit blaming other people, groups or circumstances for their negativity. Coming out of denial and admitting the problem is crucial because it shows one is ready to take full responsibility. It does not matter how much pain or chaos one might have passed through in life, coming out of denial and admitting one has a problem is fundamental to healing and restoration.


Invisible No More by Dorothy Attema



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