How To Get Rid of RAGE

  • August 10, 2021



Last week we talked about putting our anger in check[1]. Then, what happens if we don’t put our anger in check? The primary underlying emotions that cause anger like fear, frustration and hurt will fester and grow. Your anger will then graduate into a big uncontrollable red monster called rage. Rage is described as violent uncontrollable anger[2].


This red monster causes a lot of relationships discord and shows up in very many violent forms, screaming or shouting, physical violence and many other forms of violence. If it is not expressed outwardly, it can eat up someone on the inside leading to self-harm.


Rage is painful and destructive and can have dangerous consequences. Yet it is like an addiction because it is driven by primary automated emotions like fear and insecurity. Unfortunately, Rage feels good in the moment of expression. In that instant, it feels like the right thing to do. It is so powerful that it overrides all other moral and rational brakes in the brain. It gives a forceful rush which triggers reward receptors in the brain which is the same for other forms of addictions such as gambling, extreme sports, or even drugs like cocaine[3].


If you think you have rage or you are addicted to rage, you need to first admit you have a problem. Then go look for help my friend because rage is destructive and can have dangerous consequences that will make you regret one day.


Good news is there is help!

  1. You can go for therapy targeting anger management and learning alternative behaviors
  2. If your rage is caused by underlying conditions like PTSD or depression you should go for treatment.
  3. You can discuss your tendencies honestly with family members and friends
  4. Go for coaching where you work on yourself to discover what are your underlying triggers and deal with the root causes of your rage. I have met people who are angry, and they have no idea they are angry because it has become their norm.