• July 25, 2022

How To Stay Calm In The Midst Of Chaos


When the world around us is going crazy and the nature of businesses is to create panic and chaos. Ambitious entrepreneurs, managers and salespeople pushing for speed, more clients, more money and more products.

Whether you are the chaos creator or just caught in the fray, the best way you can bring sanity back to yourself is to be an island of stability.

 Staying stable in such an environment however is harder than it sounds especially when people around you seem to be running and screaming with their hair on fire, so here are some tips for smooth sailing.

8 Tips For Staying Calm And Steady In The Storm.

  1. Maintain Your Routine

When things get hectic and excited, we tend to abandon what we are doing so we can try to put out fires, but if you totally abandon your regular responsibilities, you create new problems and more chaos.

  1. Take a Break

A craze of activity can act like a magnet pulling you into the mix and raising the level of chaos. Don’t become a bigger part of the problem by jumping into the fray. Excuse yourself for a bit so you can step outside or a mental break and regain your objectivity.

  1. Slow Down and Breathe

There is a saying among race car drivers: slow in the cockpit equals fast on the track.

When you’re going too quickly, carelessness is bound to occur, making an already chaotic situation much worse.

  1. Identify and Manage Your Stress Points

You can’t take care of everyone else, but you can manage your own stress. Practice self-awareness. Know what pushes your buttons and disengage before you get past the point of no return. Be open about what drives up your blood pressure so people can avoid a blow up.

  1. Keep Perspective

Some situations spiral out of control when you only focus on the difficulty.  In many cases, the problem doesn’t have a large impact, yet it gives a sense of urgency. Take a hard look at the repercussions of the problem as it relates to the big picture. Isolate the issue to only the affected people so everyone else can go about their business.

  1. Control What You Can Control

When the world is in a panic, you can’t afford to waste any effort and energy on issues beyond your reach. Identify and resolve the issues you can solve quickly and efficiently first, so you have more resources later to calmly confront the bigger, more difficult problems.

  1. Smile

Attitude is half the battle in a chaotic situation. In high-stress and emergencies maintain not only your cool but also your humanity. Don’t dismiss the seriousness of the situation; simply relax and smile in a comforting (not fake) manner.

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