• January 20, 2022

Preparing for the new year – Pursuing Happiness 2022


Happy New Year!!

It is my joy to welcome you my highly esteemed readers to the first blog of the year from weekly insights.

I will start by asking you this important question: Have you prepared for the year?


During the holidays, I took time off with my husband to prepare for the year. Our approach was different, one we never tried before. I imagine that many of us have also given serious thought to the year 2022 and into what we need to do to make it a successful year. Here are a few tips you need to focus on as you prepare for your year.


  1. Review the outgoing year – look at what you accomplished, what you did not accomplish and why. What worked and what did not work. Review your financesBe honest about your money situation.


  1. Audit your life How are you feeling: happy, successful, frustrated, unsatisfied? And why?
  2. Make a New Year’s resolutionwhat issues and areas of your life do you want to improve and make a resolution in line with the review you have already done.


  1. Set a visionwhat are your big dreams, vision, and goals?Write again your mission statement and – the purpose of your life.


  1. Set goals that you want to achieve in 2022 in line with your vision and mission.
  2. Plan your year12-month planner – make a financial plan too for the future that cuts spending, increases savings and repays the debt – make a plan to live a healthy lifestyle


Having made these plans on paper. Then make a strategy and a plan for the following,

  1. Get organized – create systems – that make it easy to achieve these goals. Start with the areas that are most out of order
  2. Create new habitseverything we do is dictated by our habits good or bad.


  1. Detox your life – cleanse your life from junk, toxins, all forms of negativity
  2. Clean out the clutterI guarantee you that you have way more than you need or even use – Having all this stuff doesn’t make your life better. It can create overwhelm and stress. Clean up your email inbox


  1. Make a bucket list – Your plan for the year should include everything even a bucket list!
  2. Add accountabilitySomeone who knows what you need to do and when and follows up with you regularly to review your progress.


For the detailed resource that i used go to my facebook group here

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