Letting Go – The New Normal

  • November 5, 2021


COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine lifestyle brought a new rhythm to most of our lives. Depending on how big your house is or how grown your kids are, we all had to adjust in one way or the other. The quarantine also came with certain freedoms in our lives like watching TV in bed, eating in bed, sleeping in bed, doing everything in bed. But how are we handling the fact that we have all lost what we knew as normal? Are you having trouble letting go of what you knew as normal?


The covid19 pandemic forced us and required us all to unlearn what we have always called normal. In so many ways, what has always been our point of reference was completely changed. I believe most of the problems we see in our society now is because many are still struggling to let go of the old ways. As a consequence, many people are depressed and stuck, husbands and wives are fighting more than ever before; although some relationships are striving well despite the chaos.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our plans got interrupted, cancelled and changed. What was even more difficult was that the changes occurred so fast that we neither had the time to grieve about all we lost nor expectations that were cut short. Thus, we have been given no choice but to keep going without saying goodbye and having closure to even what we knew as normal before 2020.


Adjusting and getting into a new normal has required letting go of the old ways. One of the biggest challenges in letting go in this season has been because of the uncertainty that comes with change. Many are uncertain about what they need to be reaching out for. It is like letting go to reach out to a mystery box. However, many people have taken advantage of the lockdown as an opportunity to try new things. Others took this season to be set free from things that they never needed to begin with.


In this new dispensation, the art of letting go is crucial. Even though the external events cause us to let go, the real transformation in our lives has to occur from the inside. If we do not let go of the old, some things we survived on before 2020 can now be death traps to our dreams and aspirations. Hence, we have to choose not to be stuck in the old, telling ourselves this is what we have always done! We must therefore embrace the new transformations occurring from the inside out as we navigate the future one step at a time.


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