• November 11, 2021


In the previous week, we introduced the topic of letting go,  reflecting on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on us and how we are all been forced to adjust to a ‘new normal’. We also highlighted the point that we are in times when things are rapidly changing and for us to survive, we must evolve with these rapidly changing times. But first, how do we let go?

1. Focus on what you need — not what others think “you need.” Make your decision based on an understanding of what is your purpose in life.
2. Focus on what you are gaining. When one door closes another door opens. Whether it be the end of a relationship, job, or the unfortunate passing of someone close to you, there is always another open door. Focus on the opportunities that you have.
3. Practice acceptance. Once you’ve decided to let go, Distance yourself from the person or place which reminds you of your past or pain.
4. Ask yourself the following questions:
a) How important will this seem to me in six months?
b) How important will this seem to me in two years?
c) Is there a more enjoyable and productive way I could be investing my time and energy right now?
5. Have patience and faith. At times the hard decisions are the right ones. Just because it is difficult right now doesn’t mean it will always feel and stay the same. Practice patience and have faith in yourself.
6. Be your biggest fan. How you think, feel, and talk to yourself plays a very important role in our lives. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself. How you speak to yourself helps in rewiring your thoughts.
7. Focus on the present. It is important to not let your mind wander off too far. Thinking about the past or future can create anxiety or bring down your morale. Stay in the present and focus on what is happening right now.
8. Reach out to your support system. Surround yourself with people who are positive and make your life fulfilling.

For more please read: https://tribune.com.pk/story/2216861/9-steps-mastering-art-letting-go

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