• April 1, 2022

Are you living in denial?

If the same bad outcomes keep happening to you time and time again and you can’t seem to figure out why; there’s a good chance that you are denying reality in some way. You know you are in denial when:

You refuse to acknowledge a stressful problem or situation.

You tell yourself that you do not have a problem, and you do not need any help. You tell yourself you can handle it, and it is not a big problem. You are confident that you can quit at any time. (Keeping up appearances)

You avoid facing the facts of the situation.

You ignore your compulsive, self-sabotaging behaviours (like anger, resentment, panic attacks, addictions, depression, etc.) that you know you have no control over. (Ignore the hurt and the pain/Live in fantasy and rationalization)

You minimise the consequences of the situation.

You feel tired, fatigued, and exhausted, and you could be depressed, but you minimise the situation instead of attending to it. (Minimize your fears / minimize that your life has become unmanageable)

If you recognize these issues are at play in your life and you feel helpless about what to do. Please open up to a loved one or seek help. For more on this topic, please visit


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