• February 10, 2022

On my very first day in the Netherlands after my husband and I relocated from Kenya, I went through a traumatic experience. This incident which I have shared in detail in my book INVISIBLE NO MORE ( was not only the beginning of my problems in a new country but also escalated into deeper issues with serious psychological consequences that I battled with for years.  My mental health was challenged so much that for 5 years I suffered from depression and I had no clue.


Within this period, I went through extreme distress from culture shock and suffered from so many insecurities in my life. The impact these insecurities had on me was much deeper than the distress from the culture shock. For the next five years, I allowed my insecurities to control my life. Though there were signs that I had a problem, I remained in denial telling myself I can weather it. Telling myself I was strong.


Now as I reflect on that time in my life, I acknowledge that the biggest sign that should have alerted me to my problem was my unhappiness. I was unhappy, not for one month or a year; I lived unhappily for five years. Being unhappy for five years is a long time. Unfortunately, I am the only one who knew I was unhappy.


If you have any of these signs or are close to any of these signs, It could be that you are suffering from denial too as I did. I thought I was strong enough to weather the problems. If you have tried to change by yourself and you cannot, it is a strong indication that you need to ask for help. Will power is not enough in this case.



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