5 science-based strategies for nailing your New Year’s resolutions By Katy Milkman, CNN Updated 0901 GMT (1701 HKT) January 1, 2022 Kick off the new year by setting a goal that’s “concrete and bite-size” to make it doable, behavioral scientist Katy Milkman advises. Award-winning behavioral scientist Katy Milkman is the James G. Dinan Professor at […]

(Image credit: Getty) By Josie Cox4th October 2021 Statistics show that stress and burnout are affecting more women than men en masse. Why and what happens next? When Jia, a Manhattan-based consultant, read Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling book Lean In in 2014, she resolved to follow the advice espoused by the chief operating officer of Facebook. […]

Metabolism peaks at age one and tanks after 60, study finds By James Gallagher Health and science correspondent Published6 days ago Share IMAGE SOURCEGETTY IMAGES Middle-aged spread cannot be blamed on a waning metabolism, according to an unprecedented analysis of the body’s energy use. The study, of 6,400 people, from eight days old up to […]

PUBLIC HEALTH What doctors wish patients knew about post-COVID anxiety JUN 11, 2021   Sara Berg Senior News Writer   Mental health has been negatively impacted during the pandemic. And as states begin to transition back to a pre-pandemic life, it may cause increased anxiety about reopening for many. While stress, fear, worry, sadness, exhaustion […]