• February 24, 2022

Tips For Success Part 1


It is not up to others who you become or what you can achieve, – It is up to you! If you keep sitting in the same spot every day of your life it is your fault; If your stay in an unproductive situation it is your fault; if you decide to wallow in your pain it’s your fault; if you stay in the paralysis of your past pain it’s your fault.


It is up to you to rise, dust off the shame, pain and regrets and move forward no matter how slowly. In subsequent blog posts, I will share some tips on how to succeed when everything in your life seems to want to stop you.


  1. Overcome The Paralysis Of Pain

You could have gone through the kind of pain that brings you to your knees, shuts down your senses, and creates paralysis that could limit your ability to function normally.  You could be so upset on the inside, you don’t even have words to articulate the magnitude of the pain and trauma you’re experiencing and all you can do is cry or groan within yourself because it looks like everywhere you turn there is pain. But, it is very hard to function when you are hurting, It is hard to even think; It’s hard to accept opportunities while paralysed by pain. Therefore despite the pain, learn to talk to your self saying ‘when all of this is over I will rise again’


  1. Ability to pivot

Life is complicated, in a moment you can be settled in a bad place, but then good comes or you can be settled in the good and then the bad comes. You cannot tell from one day to the next what is going to happen. Life is going to keep changing, you’ve got to be able to pivot, you’ve got to be able to pivot without any warning or you will miss what destiny has for you. Covid 19 taught us this in 2020.


How many times did you call somebody a friend and they backstabbed you? How many times did you think somebody was an enemy and they come to your aid when you needed help? You got to be able to lead and you got to be able to follow. You got to be able to be content with nothing. You cannot survive in this world if you don’t develop the ability to pivot. As life shifts and changes, we must look out for lessons in everything we go through. That’s how it becomes profitable to our growth.





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