• March 4, 2022

Tips For Success Part 2


Welcome to this week’s blog post, a continuation of last’s week.


When faced with challenges, it is important to remember these:


  1. Do not let the challenges you face take you out!

Some of you have been in a state of disappointment for years. Complaining over and over again and blaming people who are no longer there and no longer with you. You cannot spend another day complaining about the past!  You have to come into the present.


So you lost your job, but you didn’t lose your courage.

So you lost your house but you didn’t lose your courage.

So you lost your friends but you didn’t lose your courage


You need to stop the paralysis of pain!


  1. Beware of pettiness

A lot of us cannot succeed to the next level because we are very petty.  Pettiness can destroy your purpose in life. The most successful people that I admire, have always regarded purpose over pettiness. Pettiness manifests when we choose to spend our time on quarrels that do not matter; when we allow ourselves to be small-minded. Petty people demand more of other people than they can supply themselves. When you are petty you get stuck in victim mode which is a very weak version of you. The thoughts running in your mind are: I’m a victim over here; I’m a victim over there;  I’m a victim they don’t treat me right, I’m a victim at home they were not there for me. Poor me they are all to blame for my failure to succeedIn this weak ‘victim’state, it is often difficult to rethink your position.


Do you have the capacity to let people in your circle that you had locked out of your circle? Are you able to let in people who slandered or backstabbed you?  You cannot do this if you are petty.  Petty people never make great leaders because they are too reactive, spiteful and vengeful to be aligned with purpose. A lot of times people that you are still mad at and still angry with, maybe the very people tied to your purpose in life. To be successful you might have to swallow your pride and go back to amend these relationships.


This is where the test of your character is. Get over your pettiness to see who the real enemy of your life is. The enemy is within yourself. You need to see beyond the pain of betrayal.  There are some people you have to dismiss. But it does not mean you dismiss everybody who lets you down. Otherwise, you will end up with nobody!  That’s why some people have nobody around them because they write people off and have written off so many people that they’ve got nobody now. That doesn’t mean that you continue to work with people you cannot trust but you cannot just write people off just because they are not perfect. Nobody is perfect, even you are not perfect yourself.


In conclusion, two things are important for every leader or influencer

  • Get over your pettiness to the point that you can let people back in that you locked out because they hurt you or you have written them off because of their imperfections.
  • Have the capacity to trust new people instead of being sceptical or cynical when new people come into your life.


How you navigate life with these two groups of people is important to your greatness!




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