• November 18, 2021



I was depressed for five years and didn’t even know I was depressed. Through coaching, I received the help I needed that freed me. In this week’s blog, I would like to talk about coaching and what it is. Also, I would highlight who is a good fit for coaching and who can benefit from coaching.


So what is coaching? According to the International Federation of Coaching(ICF), coaching is partnering with a client or clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Unlike therapists, coaches don’t specialize in treating complex clinical problems. In coaching,  people are taught how they can solve their problems by themselves.  For instance, you might have watched one of the emerging coaching shows, in which coaches have succeeded in helping people manage their emotions, challenging negative thinking patterns, improving relationship skills and reducing stress and anxiety.  A survey of 300 people who had gone through a coaching program showed that 96% were satisfied with the process and 88% reported a reduction of stress, anxiety and improvement on their overall well being.


However, I am sorry to say that coaching doesn’t work for everybody. Here are four reasons why coaching will work for you:


  • Coaching is for you if you are open on several levels. First, you must be open to different perspectives and new ideas. Secondly, you must be willing to be open and honest with the coach. Coaching focuses on self-improvement therefore, you must be willing to look inward.
  • Coaching is for you if you know you need help to change and are self-motivated, ready and willing to change. You must be ready to commit to the process and work on yourself and do whatever is needed to do to change.
  • Coaching is for you if you need help to reach goals that you have a hard time accomplishing on your own.
  • Coaching is good for you if you know what you want to achieve but you also know enough about yourself to realize that you have struggled long enough and are not able to achieve what you want by yourself.


Change always takes energy. Thus, having a change expert to walk along with you while you pursue your most important goal is the best thing you can do for yourself. A coach will keep you focused, help you save energy for what is important and make it possible for you to tackle bigger changes at a faster pace than you could on your own.


JackWelch many years ago said, “In the future, people who are not coaches will not be promoted”. Today with all the changes and uncertainty I would say “people who do not have coaches will not grow. In whatever sphere you find yourself in. I believe everyone needs a coach to help them overcome that one thing that is threatening their life’s purpose and can be the key to your greatest breakthrough.



Invisible No More by Dorothy Attema.

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